Duvet Buying Guide

  • Choosing the perfect duvet for you

    At Linenshack we think that the right choice of duvet can make a big difference to quality of sleep and we all function much better after a good night’s sleep. We have tried to address the most commonly asked questions in our comments on this page. However, if you have anything else we can help you with, please send us a message using the link. We would be delighted to hear from you. We know that choosing the perfect duvet can seem like quite a daunting task with so many varieties of duvet filling and so many tog ratings to choose from. And of course we are all different.  Some of us prefer a heavier feel to our duvet while others love the light fluffy cocooning feel that comes from the finest goose down duvets. At Linenshack, we have put together a fantastic range of duvets which we think should cater to any requirements and we hope this buying guide will give you some help in navigating your way around the different choices on offer. These include the finest Siberian and Hungarian goose down duvets which really are the ultimate, mixed feather and down duvets and anti-allergenic duvets. Our synthetic duvets are all as close as we could find in their feel and comfort to a natural down duvet.

    You don’t need to worry about the casing when choosing a duvet from Linenshack. All of our duvets come in a casing made only of cotton and nothing else.  We think this is important because cotton allows air to pass freely helping to create a comfortable environment as well as feeling smooth against the skin – important even though the duvet should have a duvet cover when used.

  • What things should you look for when choosing a duvet?

    As a starting point, we believe it is always the best choice to have a really good quality well-made duvet. By buying your duvet from Linenshack, we promise you a quite superb high-quality duvet made here in the UK.  A well-made duvet will not only last over many years and wash cycles but will also retain its warmth and comfort levels. All of our duvets with a natural feather and/or down filling have fully nomite rated covers which provide a check against dust mites and prevents feathers or down from leaking out of the duvet. We offer a seven year guarantee on all of our duvets as standard.

  • Tog rating

    First you need to decide what tog rating is most appropriate for you. A higher tog rating means a warmer duvet.  We try to offer a wide range of tog ratings because we are all different. Ours range from 2.5 tog – which we think is a great choice for the hotter summer months – all the way through to 13.5 tog for cold winter nights. A greater tog rating doesn’t necessarily mean a duvet will be heavier.  A down filled duvet is lighter than a feather or synthetically filled duvet with an equivalent tog rating.

    An in between tog rating can be used all year. 10.5 tog is very popular for this although 7.5 or 9 tog is also a good choice if you have a warm house and bedroom. We also offer all-seasons duvets in most of our ranges which allow you to combine either a 9 tog and 4.5 tog or a 2.5 tog with a 7.5 tog, which can be used separately or together which covers most normal weather scenarios and personal preferences.

    We also include 2.5 tog climarelle and coolmax duvets within our range which help to promote a fresher sleeping environment. The climarelle technology is designed to maintain a more constant temperature under the duvet by cooling when things get a bit hot and returning that heat if things start to cool down too much.

    Tog suggestions

    Winter 9-13.5 tog depending on house warmth
    Spring and Autumn 7.5 – 9 tog
    Summer 2.5 -4.5 tog

  • Fill power

    This is really a measure of the quality of the filling.  The finest fillings have the highest fill power which is measured in grams per square metre. That doesn’t mean they are physically heavier but fluffier and softer, particularly with the very best goose down.  Our top end ultra luxury Siberian goose down duvets have a fill power of 800+ and the other duvets in our range vary from 350+ up to 700+.

  • What is the best filling?

    Natural fillings are great but for some, anti-allergenic man made fillings will always be favourite and we offer the best of both worlds. Our anti-allergenic fillings are chosen to most closely resemble the feel of a naturally filled duvet.

    It is true that the finest pure down duvets are the absolute ultimate in comfort because of the light, fluffy and almost cloud like feel that they have.  Down is regarded as providing the highest level of insulation because of its ability to trap little air pockets.

    Feathers give duvets a heavier feel and make duvets with a higher feather content preferable if you do not like a lighter cover. Duvets with a higher feather content are also cheaper than equivalent tog rated down filled duvets. Pure down duvets will be noticeably lighter and airier than  duvets of the same tog rating but with a higher feather content.

    For allergy sufferers, particularly asthma, a synthetic duvet is the best option. We have high quality synthetic duvets which are the closest we can find in feel to natural duvets.  Our range of duvets with Dacron Comforel Allerban also offer anti-bacterial protection.

    Our climarelle and coolmax ranges have a specially made fabric layer designed to regulate temperature cooling as the temperature rises and providing more heat when it cools.

  • Duvets which are made to last

    Our duvets are made to last. They feature a double stitched box construction which  ensures that the contents of the duvet stay in place to provide even warmth and comfort. They are designed to provide many years of use which is backed up with our seven year guarantee.

  • Duvet size guide

    Single designed for a standard 90cm wide single bed – 135 x 200cm

    Double designed for a standard 135cm wide double bed – 200 x 200cm

    Kingsize designed for a standard 150cm wide kingsize bed – 225 x 200cm

    Super king designed for a standard 180cm wide super king bed – 260 x 220cm

    All of our duvet covers for the corresponding bed sizes are compatible with these duvets.

  • Our Naturally Filled Duvets

    Ultimate 100% Siberian Goose Down – prices from £68

    90% Hungarian Goose Down – prices from £55

    70% European Goose down – prices from £45

    85% Goose Feather and Down – prices from £30

    70% Duck Feather and Down  – prices from £28


  • Our Duvets with Anti-Allergenic and Synthetic Fillings

    Dacron Comforel with Allerban – prices from £32

    Suprelle Tencel – prices from £52

    Coolmax 2.5 Tog Duvets – prices from £30

    Climarelle 2.5 Tog Duvets – prices from £95